FisH Finland

This site is aimed is to ensure the travelling angler visiting Finland has the facts and knowledge to get the most out of the visit. Whether your prey be Pike, Trout, Salmon or Zander. Fish Finland will equip you with the facts and knowledge to ensure your stay is truly memorable and your lines are tight.


Learn how to catch in Finland. Fishing in Finland methods from trolling for Sea Trout in the Baltic Sea to jigging for Perch through the winter ice.

No experience in Finland is complete without having stayed in a remote log cabin. Take a hot sauna, ice cold beer and enjoy the catch of the day.




Methods & Prey

Finland offers thousands of lakes, Salmon & Trout rivers and miles of

unspoilt countryside & coastline for the travelling angler.


Finnish Waters

Want to get away from the crowd, catch wild predators in fantastic natural surroundings. Experience the Wild North & all it has to offer.


Fish Finland

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